Beginner - GUI devlopment in Tkinter - Any IDE with drag and drop feature like Visual Studio?

Dave Cook davecook at
Sun Jul 21 13:14:30 CEST 2013

On 2013-07-20, Aseem Bansal <asmbansal2 at> wrote:

> Do I need to use QtCreator with PySide if I want drag-and-drop
> feature for GUI development? 

No, you just need the layout part of QtCreator, called QtDesigner, and
any decent Python editor or IDE (e.g. Idle):

There's another Qt IDE that uses QtDesigner called Monkey Studio
(seems to be PyQt only).

Designers can be really nice for learning the toolkit widgets and
layout, but I'd like to get away from them in my own projects,
actually, and move to something like enaml:

> Do I need to install Qt? If yes, which version - 4.8 or 5.1? 

PySide does not support 5.x yet, according to their website.  I
installed the PySide windows download, and it seems to work without
needing any Qt packages.

> Can I use cxfreeze to make exe files from the GUI developed? 

Probably.  We use py2exe for our wxPython/numpy application. 
Depending on the complexity and number of external modules used by
your application, bundling tools like this can require some google-fu
and trial and error to get working.

Dave Cook

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