How is this evaluated

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Thu Jul 4 20:07:57 CEST 2013

Am Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013 19:20:43 UTC+2 schrieb Arturo B:
> ...
> So I want to question:
> How is the 
> if 'h' in consonants else 'h' for 'h' in s
> part evaluated? (step by step please :P )

Although new to python I think I can solve this (if no one contradicts, I can guess that I understood it :-) ):

Take every letter from the string, one after the other, (for l in s).
If you can find the letter in the string constants (if l in constants) then take it, append an "o" and then the letter again and return it (l + 'o' + l) if not, return the letter as it is (else l).

Or in applicable order:
take 'h' append 'o' append 'h' and return this, if you can find 'h' in constants, if not return just 'h' (and do this for every letter in string s)


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