Explain your acronyms (RSI?)

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sat Jul 6 21:38:01 CEST 2013

"rms has crippling RSI" (anonymous, as quoted by Skip).

I suspect that 'rms' = Richard M Stallman (but why lower case? to insult 
him?). I 'know' that RSI = Roberts Space Industries, a game company 
whose Kickstarter project I supported. Whoops, wrong context. How about 
'Richard Stallman Insanity' (his personal form of megalomania)? That 
makes the phrase is a claim I have read others making.

Lets continue and see if that interpretation works. "should indicate 
that emacs' ergonomics is not right". Aha! Anonymous believes that using 
his own invention, emacs, is what drove Richard crazy. He would not be 
the first self invention victim.

But Skip mentions 'worse for wrists'. So RSI must be a physical rather 
than mental condition. Does 'I' instead stand for Inoperability?, 
Instability?, or what?

Let us try Google. Type in RSI and it offers 'RSI medications' as a 
choice. Sound good, as it will eliminate all the companies with those 
initials. The two standard medical meanings of RSI seem to be Rapid 
Sequence Intubation and Rapid Sequence Induction. But those are 
procedures, not chronic syndromes. So I still do not know what the 
original poster, as quoted by Skip, meant.

Terry Jan Reedy

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