hex dump w/ or w/out utf-8 chars

wxjmfauth at gmail.com wxjmfauth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 10:52:19 CEST 2013

For those who are interested. The official proposal request
for the encoding of the Latin uppercase letter Sharp S in
ISO/IEC 10646; DIN (The German Institute for Standardization)
proposal is available on the web. A pdf with the rationale.
I do not remember from where I got it, probably from a German
web site.

I'm observing the inclusion of this glyph since years. More
and more fonts are supporting it. Available in many fonts,
it is suprisingly not available in Cambria (at least the version
I'm using). STIX does not includes it, it has been requested. Ditto,
for the Latin Modern, the default bundle of fonts for the Unicode
TeX engines.

Last but not least, Python.
Thanks to the Flexible String Representation, it is not
necessary to mention the disastrous, erratic behaviour of
Python, when processing text containing it. It's more than
clear, a serious user willing to process the contain of
'DER GROẞE DUDEN' (a reference German dictionary) will be
better served by using something else.

The irony is that this Flexible String Representation has
been created by a German.


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