How do I write a script to generate 10 random EVEN numbers and write them to a .txt file?

Dave Angel davea at
Mon Jul 8 22:17:15 CEST 2013

On 07/08/2013 09:10 AM, Joshua Landau wrote:
> On 8 July 2013 13:27, Dave Angel <davea at> wrote:
>> One of your classmates has already posted the question.  However, you win
>> the prize for a better subject line.  Or are you the same student, changing
>> your name and wasting our time by starting a new thread.
> Considering the body of the question and his GMail user icon thingy
> are identical, I think that's a rigged question.

I didn't notice that the actual gmail address was the same; somehow when 
I saw it prefixed by the Sanza101 and Kenz09 it looked different.

However, the body was entirely different, thoroughly rephrased.

For example, first question in each, respectively, was:

Create another function that generates a random number (You will have to 
import the relevant library to do this)

Create a function that is called from the main function, that accepts a 
number as a parameter and determines if the number is even or odd.
the next one is,


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