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On 9 July 2013 02:45,  <ajetrumpet at> wrote:
> all,
> I am unhappy with the general Python documentation and tutorials.  I have worked with Python very little and I'm well aware of the fact that it is a lower-level language that integrates with the shell.
> I came from a VB legacy background and I've already "un-learned" everything that I need to (I know, that language stinks, and isn't OOP or even useful!).
> I have to get back into writing Python but I'm lacking one thing ... a general understanding of how to write applications that can be deployed (either in .exe format or in other formats).
> So my issue is basically to understand how to go about writing programs and compiling them so they can be deployed to less tech-savvy people.  Here's what I think I have to do, in a general sense:
> => Pick a GUI and just run through the tutorials to learn the interfaces as fast as possible.
> This is all fine and dandy, but more than likely when I do this the people that I am sending solutions to will, if not receiving a simple .exe file, receive the package from me and say to themselves "what in the world do I do with this!?"
> Is there anyway you guys would suggest that I fix this or help them deal with complex languages like Python and programs written with it?

You cannot compile Python in any meaningful way that does what you want.

There are projects that "bundle" the CPython interpreter with your
project, but this makes those files really big. I suggest just making
sure that Python is installed on their end - it's a one-time thing

You don't expect to be able to run Javascript without a Javascript
interpreter (such as a browser) so why would you expect differently
for Python?

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