the general development using Python

Joshua Landau at
Tue Jul 9 23:13:17 CEST 2013

On 9 July 2013 03:08, Adam Evanovich <ajetrumpet at> wrote:
> Joshua,
> Why did you send me an email reply instead of replying in the google groups?

Apologies, although it's not quite that simple. I access this list the
way it was originally intended -- through EMail. I replied "to all",
which default to both the list (by CC) and the person, and I forgot to
drop you from the reply.

If you use Google Groups, it's also best to read first.

Secondly, please don't top post.

It seems reasonable to post back this to the list, so I have.

> I just want to make sure that it really is as simple as:
> 1) Installing Python on users machine.
> 2) Running the deployment on their end to parse the DOM via the
> application/tool that I write.
> 3) Waiting for the output so they can see it.
> Is it really any more complicated than that (other than writing the
> tool/app, obviously)?

As other's have responded, that's it.

> Can you tell me quickly what kind of deployment
> options Python has?

What you can just do is send a .zip/.tar.gz/.tar.xz or other archive
format with all of the files they need to have. Normally I find it
nicest to just run like that (I personally reserve installing for the
things that benefit from it).

If you want installation as an option, then AFAIK the only option in
wide usage is There may
be others, but you'd need to ask the experts about that.

> Can you wrap source code/libs/apps into an EXE and just
> send that to the end user?  Or is it more complicated for them?

Urm.. yes. But don't. That's the "nuclear" option and isn't a good
one. If you have a *really genuinely good reason* (you probably don't)
to do this, there are ways.

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