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> all,
> I am unhappy with the general Python documentation and tutorials.  I have
> worked with Python very little and I'm well aware of the fact that it is a
> lower-level language that integrates with the shell.
> I came from a VB legacy background and I've already "un-learned"
> everything that I need to (I know, that language stinks, and isn't OOP or
> even useful!).
> I have to get back into writing Python but I'm lacking one thing ... a
> general understanding of how to write applications that can be deployed
> (either in .exe format or in other formats).
> So my issue is basically to understand how to go about writing programs
> and compiling them so they can be deployed to less tech-savvy people.
>  Here's what I think I have to do, in a general sense:
> => Pick a GUI and just run through the tutorials to learn the interfaces
> as fast as possible.
> This is all fine and dandy, but more than likely when I do this the people
> that I am sending solutions to will, if not receiving a simple .exe file,
> receive the package from me and say to themselves "what in the world do I
> do with this!?"
> Is there anyway you guys would suggest that I fix this or help them deal
> with complex languages like Python and programs written with it?
> thanks guys.
> --

Why do you want to use python?  It isn't a language that can be packaged as
an executable.  Who are these people who you make software for who need to
have a single file?

Joel Goldstick
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