Babel i18n package has new maintainers

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Wed Jul 10 08:55:46 CEST 2013


I've been looking for a Python package for formatting international dates,
numbers and monetary values in a web context for a couple of days now, but
the only thing that I could find that looked suitable at first sight was
the Babel package, of which the last release dates back two years, with
stale localisation data and missing Py3 support.

Now, after searching a bit more, I found that Armin Ronacher and Alex
Morega have recently taken over that package.!msg/python-babel/WImO1u-Q8GA/j62ABuuwTpAJ

They're now developing the code on github and porting it to Py3.3.

Since it took me quite a while to figure this out, I thought I'd post this
here to make others aware of it.

I think it's a very important tool to have, and I'm sure Armin and Alex can
use some help and testing by others to get a new release out. There's
always stuff like reading through and updating the documentation, finding
bugs, testing with your existing code base, etc., that everyone can help with.


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