iTunes not detecting iPhone

oswaldclem oswaldclem at
Wed Jul 10 12:47:05 CEST 2013

I just received a used iPhone I purchased on Amazon. I took the phone out of
the box and turned it on. The Apple logo appeared, then a "connect to
iTunes" screen appeared, with the text "No SIM card installed" over the
connect to iTunes graphic.

I installed my SIM (which I know works, as I just pulled it from my other
iPhone), but have a very weak signal... but that's not my issue right now.
After putting in my SIM, I connect my cable to my PC and opened iTunes. Then
I connected the new iPhone to the cable and waited for iTunes to detect it.
Nothing. I tried shutting down iTunes and restarting, shutting down and
restarting the phone... still nothing.

used iphone 
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