GeoIP2 for retrieving city and region ?

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Fri Jul 12 18:41:25 CEST 2013

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 1:32 AM, Dave Angel <davea at> wrote:
>> There is definately i way to identify the users location based solely on
>> its ip address as this site does it:
> Sure, and as long as you don't mind it being 1000 miles off, you too can
> claim to do it too.  When I go to that site, the little pin is in Kansas,
> which is 1100 miles from where I live on the east coast of the US.

I have two IPs at this house, not counting the ones I could get off
mobile connections (which are valid probably anywhere in the state,
maybe further afield). One of them is plotted fairly accurately (not
more than a couple of kilometers wrong), but the other is listed at
Elizabeth and Bourke in the CBD... which is half an hour's train
journey away from me. And the one that was wrong was the one that's
actually an official static IP address (as opposed to a "technically
dynamic but hasn't changed for a couple of years" address).

Obligatory XKCD link:


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