GeoIP2 for retrieving city and region ?

Νικόλας nikos at
Fri Jul 12 17:52:20 CEST 2013

Στις 12/7/2013 6:32 μμ, ο/η Dave Angel έγραψε:
> I suggest you read that geoiptool site, in particular the page
> There is some misinformation, but notice carefully the part about
> dynamic IP addresses.  Probably 99% of the individual users on the web
> (the ones using a browser) have dynamic IP addresses.  The fixed ones
> are needed by servers, and especially for DNS use, where the name lookup
> wants to be stable for relatively log periods of time.

I did, for me it gives exact city location and not the ISP's city location.

I dont know whay for you ti just says Kansas, it shoudln't, since it 
susing longitute and latitude, it should have been accurate.

What is now proved was at first only imagined!

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