GeoIP2 for retrieving city and region ?

Νικόλας nikos at
Sat Jul 13 19:43:14 CEST 2013

Στις 13/7/2013 7:54 μμ, ο/η Dennis Lee Bieber έγραψε:
> 	Are you paying for a fixed IP number? I suspect you are if you were
> running a world-accessible server.
> 	Obviously a fixed IP will be tied to a fixed connection and thereby to
> a fixed location which can be provided to a location database.
> 	But most of us have DHCP assigned IP numbers, which change everytime we
> reboot our connection (or even when the DHCP lease expires -- which may be
> daily).

Same networking scheme for me too, dynamic that is.

Every time the DHCP lease expires or i reboot the router i get a new ip 
address but every time the link i provided states accurately that my ip 
address is from Thessaloníki and not Europe/Athens which is were my ISP 
location is.

Not to mention that in facebook, no matter the way i'am joining, via 
smartphone, tablet, laptop it always pinpoints my exact location.

But yes, i can understand your skepticism.
An ip address can move anywhere while remaining connected to the same 
ISP, just like a networking device in the house, remains connected to 
the same router while changing rooms or even floors, or even buildings.

But then how do you explain the fact that
pinpointed Thessaloníki and not Athens and for 2 friends of mine that 
use the same ISP as me but live in different cities also accurately 
identified their locations too?


What is now proved was at first only imagined!

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