GeoIP2 for retrieving city and region ?

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Sat Jul 13 20:28:25 CEST 2013

Στις 13/7/2013 9:21 μμ, ο/η Dennis Lee Bieber έγραψε:
> On Sat, 13 Jul 2013 20:43:14 +0300, ??????? <nikos at> declaimed
> the following:
>> But then how do you explain the fact that
>> pinpointed Thessalon�ki and not Athens and for 2 friends of mine that
>> use the same ISP as me but live in different cities also accurately
>> identified their locations too?
> 	You have encountered an ISP that reserves IP blocks for specific
> suburbs/cities -- and can be tracked thereby. That is, all IPs in
> xxx.yyy.zzz.??? may be held for just one neighborhood (granted, I've
> defined an old class C network there, but modern network assignments are no
> longer in A/B/C (8/16/24 bit network address, with 24/16/8 bit node
> addresses) assignments.
> 	It all comes down to how the ISP allocates addresses. It may be that
> (as in my case) the ISP is irrelevant -- the IP is issued by the phone
> company that actually provides the DSL, and a block of IPs is allocated to
> each "central office" of that phone company... And thereby, regardless of
> the lease renewal, the IP is still identified as belonging to that central
> office location (or whatever location the phone company supplies to the
> location service for the IP block).

You are right and i can back this up.

While FORTHnet ISP(my ISP) works well with maxmind which can pinpoint 
the visitor's exact location other ISPs like Cyta, OTEnet, HOL always 
says Europe/Athens.

So it seems that all boil down to the way the ISP configure its blocks 
of ip addresses per city.

All should do the same and then it would be an easy task to accurately 
identify a visitor by its ip address.

What is now proved was at first only imagined!

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