help with explaining how to split a list of tuples into parts

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Sat Jul 13 16:33:27 CEST 2013

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> Hi List,
> I am new to Python and wondering if there is a better python way to do 
> something.  As a learning exercise I decided to create a python bash script 
> to wrap around the Python Crypt library (Version 2.7).
> My attempt is located here -

This looks like it should work, but it's a kind of weird use of list 
comprehensions.  Fundamentally, you're not trying to create a list, 
you're trying to select the one item which matches your key.  A better 
data structure would be a dict:

supported_hashes={'crypt':   (2,  '',    13),
                  'md5':     (8,  '$1$', 22),
                  'sha256':  (16, '$5$', 43),
                  'sha512':  (16, '$6$', 86),

then your selection logic becomes:

    crypt_tuple = supported_hashes[args.hash]
except KeyError:
    print "unknown hash type"

Another thing you might want to look into is named tuples 
(  You could do 
something like:

from collections import namedtuple
HashInfo = namedtuple('HashInfo', ['salt_length',

supported_hashes={'crypt':   HashInfo(2,  '',    13),
                  'md5':     HashInfo(8,  '$1$', 22),
                  'sha256':  HashInfo(16, '$5$', 43),
                  'sha512':  HashInfo(16, '$6$', 86),

and now you can refer to the tuple elements by name instead of by 
numeric index.

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