Bluetooth Sockets

Christian Heimes christian at
Tue Jul 16 12:08:59 CEST 2013

Am 13.07.2013 10:53, schrieb Simfake Fake:
> Hi. I'm trying to connect to a bluetooth serial adaptor using python
> 3.x. However, in python 3.3.2 win x32, I get "AttributeError: module has
> no attribute AF_..." when trying to use socket.AF_BLUETOOTH, despite the
> docs . The code I have is
> very similar to that
> found
> I need to use python 3.x, as this is eventually going to run within
> Blender.. It's going to run within blender so I can use blender to
> visualize and solve inverse-kinematic stuff for a robot arm.

AF_BLUETOOTH is only available on Linux and some BSD variants. Windows
has different bluetooth stacks.

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