Ideal way to separate GUI and logic?

Wayne Werner wayne at
Sat Jul 13 21:03:24 CEST 2013

On Sat, 13 Jul 2013, fronagzen at wrote:

> Well, I'm a newcome to Python, but I'm developing a program with a GUI in tkinter, and I'm wondering what is the best, 'most pythonic' way of doing this?
> I could, obviously, write a monolithic block of code.
  True, you could, but don't do that.

  You should investigate strategies like model view presenter, and test or
  behavior driven development.

  My recommendation echos the other advice you've been given. Basically you
  think of your application in terms of two problems or domains. One is the what
  that you want no do. What information do you need?

  The other problem is how do you get that information from the user and retun
  to them information than they need?

  Regardless of which side you have driving, UI or Presenter, having a design
  such as this allows for much cleaner code.


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