what thread-synch mech to use for clean exit from a thread

Gildor Oronar gildororonar at mail-on.us
Mon Jul 15 04:27:45 CEST 2013

A currency exchange thread updates exchange rate once a minute. If the 
thread faield to update currency rate for 5 hours, it should inform 
main() for a clean exit. This has to be done gracefully, because main() 
could be doing something delicate.

I, a newbie, read all the thread sync tool, and wasn't sure which one to 
use. In fact I am not sure if there is a need of thread sync, because 
there is no racing cond. I thought of this naive way:

class CurrencyExchange():
    def __init__(in_case_callback):
       this.callback = in_case_callback
    def __run__():
       while time.time() - self.rate_timestamp < 5*3600:
          ... # update exchange rate
          if success:
             self.rate_timestamp == time.time()
       this.callback() # rate not updated 5 hours, a crisis

def main():
    def callback()
       Go_On = False

    agio = CurrencyExchange(in_case = callback)

    Go_On = True
    while Go_On:

As you can see, if there is no update of currency rate for 5 hours, the 
CurrencyExchange object calls the callback, which prevents main() from 
doing the next delicate_thing, but do not interrupt the current 

This seems OK, but doesn't look pythonic -- replacing callback() with a 
lambda doesn't help much, it still look naive. What is the professional 
way in this case?

Thanks in advance!

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