Python - remote object protocols and security

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Mon Jul 15 14:41:12 CEST 2013

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> > What I think I need to care about, is malicious code injections.
> > Because
> > both client/server will be in python, would someone capable of
> > executing
> > code by changing one side python source ?
> >
> > How do I prevent this and still provide the source to everyone ?
> How complicated are the objects you want to transmit? If they're just
> strings, integers, floats, and lists or dictionaries of the above,
> then you could use JSON instead; that's much safer, but (and because)
> it's majorly restricted. Sometimes it's worth warping your data
> structure slightly (eg use a dict and global functions instead of a
> custom object with methods) to improve security.
> ChrisA

In the end just strings and Int.
Dave seems to agree with you and JSON is the way to go.

However, I don't want to write net code, I'm lazy and most importantly I'm so bad at it.
So how would I send Json strings from one machine to a remote ?
If I'm using, would it still be a Json safe way of sending strings and int ?



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