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Yes.  My goal was to create the installer to put the modified python on my Mercurial server.  So I could have effectively copied over the <source tree with your compiled interpreter\Lib\site-packages to the <Python2.7 install dir>\Lib\site-packages on the server?  What I was trying to resolve was the issue with large Mercurial pushes.  I instead am using the IIS Crypto tool to resolve the issue.  I'd found a link that stated that modification to the _ssl.c module in Python could also fix the issue but that the python source would to be recompiled.  Since we are going with IISCrypto the Python change is no longer needed.  But out curiosity, and in case I ran into a situation where did indeed need to make a fix to Python I've wondered what's the best way to do that.  Hopefully this gives you a little insight on what I'm trying to do.  Thanks for your replies.

Thank you.

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On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 1:02 PM, Mcadams, Philip W <philip.w.mcadams at> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Zachery. We have decided to just use another solution. Out of curiosity though I wanted to clarification on your statement:
> just stick the hg modules somewhere on PYTHONPATH.
> Are you saying that I would just map hg modules i.e.: C:\Users\pwmcadam\Downloads\Python-2.7.4\Python-2.7.4\Modules to my environment variables in Windows.
> Wasn't exactly following your comment.

Did I understand correctly that in your initial message you said you needed an installer to try to resolve a Mercurial issue?  If not, ignore that whole sentence of mine :)

Otherwise, I meant that you can just copy the mercurial and hgext directories from <Python2.7 install dir>\Lib\site-packages to <source tree with your compiled interpreter\Lib\site-packages (or any other directory in sys.path).  Alternately, you could set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to <Python2.7 install dir>\Lib\site-packages, which would add that dir to the start of sys.path.  I did somewhat misuse 'PYTHONPATH' in my earlier message.


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