Homework help requested, thanks to everyone.

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John, have you taken a look at pyglet?  It's an alternative to pygame and I found it pretty slick once I got the hang of it.  There is a development version that's compatible with python 3 and I've never had a bug with it.  It wraps OpenGL itself so there are no additional dependencies.

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> Subject: Homework help requested, thanks to everyone.
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> Thanks to everyone for their wealth of suggestions.  I already had my students playing with turtle.  And I had asked them to alphabetize a string (without having previously revealed the sorted() function).
> So far, I have taken up the suggestion of the number-guessing game.  One of my students has a working version.  The logic is a bit clumsy, but it's a fine first attempt.
> I will also take up the Twenty Questions idea.  My son and I played that game a lot over the years, to pass the time on long car rides.  And it would be a great way to introduce the binary tree data structure.
> Another project I thought of was a Pig Latin translator.  (But do kids today even know what Pig Latin is?  Am I showing my age?)
> Concerning more advanced, real-time, game-oriented graphics, I am trying to figure out how to build PyGame on top of Python3.x.  Supposedly it is possible.  I just haven't figured out how.  It's 2013: I refuse to complicate my students' programming education with Python 2.x.
> I used wxPython happily for years, and I think that its graphical capabilities would probably be up to the task of a simple 2D game.  Unfortunately, it has the same problem as PyGame, at least for now.  The Py3-compatible version of wxPython, to be known as Phoenix, is still under development.
> I'll keep Unity, Panda3D, and Blender in mind for later.  Again, one of my main concerns will be Python 3.x compatibility.
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