Creating a Program to Decompose a Number and Run a Function on that Decomposition

Dave Angel davea at
Fri Jul 19 03:04:34 CEST 2013

On 07/18/2013 08:35 PM, CTSB01 wrote:
>   > It's only obvious if you're using Python 3.x.  You have forgotten the
>> parentheses in the call to the print() function.
>> On the other hand, if this is Python 2.x, I have no idea.  Next time,
>> please paste the actual error, not paraphrased.  The error message
>> includes a traceback. and a pointer to where in the line the error was
>> detected.  If it's pointing at the end of the second token, you must be
>> running Python 3.x
>> And since you're using that annoying googlegroups, see this:
>> --
>> DaveA
> Hi Dave,
> There aren't any emails in the Cc slot so I imagine that part is fine, I will definitely edit the extra quotes though I made the mistake of thinking it was just google being google.

Exactly.  And remember, the list is comp.lang.python, while googlegroups 
has tried to pre-empt it by bridging.  Most of us get to it either 
through the nntp server at or via email subscription at 
python-list-request at

>  For reference , I'm running Python 3.x.
 >  I'll try out putting the quotes around it.

Parentheses, not quotes.  print() is a function in 3.x

>   The full code is:
>>>> def phi_m(x,m):
>        rtn = []
>        for n2 in range(0, len(x)*m - 2):
>          n = n2 / m
>          r = n2 - n * m
>          rtn.append(m * x[n] + r * (x[n + 1] - x[n]))
>          print 'n2 =', n2, ': n =', n, ' r =' , r, ' rtn =', rtn
>        rtn
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> where the second apostrophe in 'n2 =' is marked in orange.  Thanks to everyone who's helped out so far, hopefully with some experience I'll be able sort out any syntax issues that come my way.
Don't paraphrase.  Just copy/paste it into your email message.  And I'm 
assuming you know to run things from the terminal window, and not from 
IDLE or something else that messes up the error messages.  Your comment 
about 'orange' doesn't sound promising.

As Ian pointed out, you have no return value in this function.  You 
calculate something called 'rtn', but never use it.  The last line 
accomplishes nothing, since rtn is neither assigned nor returned, nor 
passed nor...   You probably wanted:

       return  rtn


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