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> From: Gregory Ewing <greg.ewing at>
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> Is 'dash' the same as 'literal("-")'?
Yes, it's a convenience method, like 'dot' and 'underscore'.  The code I
pasted is from the unit tests, where I use the different methods to push
coverage up.

> Is there any difference between 'then' and 'followed_by'?
Nope, they're synonyms.  Same as 'zero_or_more' is the same as
'any_number_of', or 'digit' is the same as 'digits'.

Why do some things have __ in front of them? Is there a
> difference between 'literal' and '__literal'?
Er... looks like a garblement in my post!  There are no __ in my original
:(  It should be:

north_american_number_re = (RE().start

Thanks for the comments!
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