Messages to Python-List aren't posting

Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Jul 19 16:57:47 CEST 2013

> Is it possible that the name "Matthew
> Lefavor" has been added to a greylist or something?

That's not how greylisting works.  Greylisting is a scheme used to
eliminate spam.  The server knows what email addresses it's received
mail from in the last little while (say, the last month).  When it
gets a message purporting to be from someone not in its little
database (say, user at it responds with a "try later"
message.  Legitimate mail will be delayed for a few minutes.  The
sending SMTP server will try again, and the message will be accepted
by the receiving server. That server will also record
user at as a "known" address.  The theory behind
greylisting is that a spambot either won't come back and retry sending
(it's going millions of messages to flood the net with, and can't be
bothered to retry mail) or will be found and shut off by ISPs before
the delay period expires.

> One relevant piece of information: I have subscribed and unsubscribed to
> different combinations of these lists several times over the past year, and
> particularly over the past few months (as I was trying to manage the flow of
> emails to my filter-less work inbox.) Could that sort of behavior associate
> my name with malicious intent?

I wouldn't think so.  More likely, you might have made a mistake in
your configuration parameters.  You might want to double-check your
python-list at subscription information in Mailman to make
sure you haven't inadvertently done something.  If the problem
persists, send a note to postmaster at describing the problem,
and include a message (with all its headers intact) that demonstrates
the problem, as Chris did with the timestamps.


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