Find and Replace Simplification

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In <mailman.4865.1374240179.3114.python-list at> Devyn Collier Johnson <devyncjohnson at> writes:

> I have some code that I want to simplify. I know that a for-loop would 
> work well, but can I make re.sub perform all of the below tasks at once, 
> or can I write this in a way that is more efficient than using a for-loop?

> DATA = re.sub(',', '', 'DATA')
> DATA = re.sub('\'', '', 'DATA')
> DATA = re.sub('(', '', 'DATA')
> DATA = re.sub(')', '', 'DATA')

If your actual use-case is this simple, you might want to use one of the
built-in string functions such as strip() or translate().

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