Simple Python script as SMTP server for outgoing e-mails?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jul 22 02:28:27 CEST 2013

On 07/21/2013 02:34 PM, Gilles wrote:
> Thanks for the infos. Ideally, I was looking for a simple Windows app
> as MTA, but a Python script is OK.

The Sendmail MTA has been ported to many platforms including windows.

> I'm not sure my ISP blocks outbound port 25 connections. I'll
> experiment with a small Linux box.

Having spent a long time managing e-mail servers, everything Ivan said
in his reply is true as well.  I had forgotten a lot of that since I
haven't been running my own mail server (MTA or server part) in a while.
 I've sold my soul to Google for e-mail now with Google Apps for my

> I wist they would use a smarter SPAM filter that wouldn't flag
> perfectly legit-looking outgoing e-mails.

But then how would it know that legit-looking e-mails aren't in fact
SPAM?  E-mail is starting to be an almost intractable problem.  No
wonder the younger generations are just abandoning it entirely in favor
of centralized, cathedral-style messaging systems such as facebook.

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