Simple Python script as SMTP server for outgoing e-mails?

Gilles nospam at
Mon Jul 22 14:13:01 CEST 2013

On Sun, 21 Jul 2013 21:01:09 +0000 (UTC), Grant Edwards
<invalid at invalid.invalid> wrote:

>Unless you've got a static IP address, a domain name, and a valid MX
>record that will match up when they do a reverse DNS lookup, it's
>pretty unlikely that you're going to have much luck running an SMTP
>server.  Most other SMTP servers are probably going to ignore or
>reject your attempts to transfer mail from your own SMTP server.

I had forgotten about this. I'll give a try, and see how it goes.

>I'd recommend postfix or exim if I was going to try to do it, but I
>think they're Unix-only.

Thanks for the tip. Looks like Exim is available on Windows through

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