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Thu Jul 25 16:06:48 CEST 2013


nice idea.

mybe -  for security reasons - you should ensure, that the right tool is 
called and not some tool put the path with the same name.


On Thu 25 Jul 2013 03:24:30 PM CEST, Devyn Collier Johnson wrote:
> Aloha Python Users!
>    I made a Python3 module that allows users to use certain Linux
> shell commands from Python3 more easily than using os.system(),
> subprocess.Popen(), or subprocess.getoutput(). This module (once
> placed with the other modules) can be used like this
> import boash;
>    I attached the module. I plan to release it on the Internet soon,
> but feel free to use it now. It is licensed under LGPLv3.
>    The name comes from combining "Boa" with "SHell". Notice that the
> module's name almost looks like "BASH", a common Linux shell. The Boa
> is a constrictor snake. This module makes Unix shells easier to use
> via Python3. This brings the system shell closer to the Python shell.
> Mahalo,
> Devyn Collier Johnson
> DevynCJohnson at

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