dynamic type returning NameError:

Tim O'Callaghan tocallaghan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 03:38:10 CEST 2013


I hope that this hasn't been asked for the millionth time, so my apologies if it has. 

I have a base class (BaseClass - we'll call it for this example) with an http call that i would like to inherit into a dynamic class at runtime. We'll call that method in BaseClass;  'request'. 

I have a dictionary(json) of key (class name): value(method) that I would like to create inheriting this 'request' method from the BaseClass. So the derived class would look something like this

definition in json:
{"Whatever": [{"method1": "Some Default", "async": True},{"method2": "Some Other Default", "async": True}]}

Ideally I'd like the class def to look something like this if i were to type it out by hand

[excuse the indents]

class Whatever(BaseClass):
    def method1(self):
        stupid_data = super(Whatever, self).request("method1")
        return stupid_data
     def method2(self):
        stupid_data = super(Whatever, self).request("method1")
        return stupid_data

Now, I've been trying to do this using the python cli, with out success. 

So, attempting this at runtime I get a plethora of wonderful errors that I suspect has broken my brain. 

Here is what i've tried:

# trying with just an empty object of type BaseClass
obj = type("Object", (BaseClass,), {})

whatever = type("WhatEver", (obj,), {"method1": super(WhatEver, self).request("method1")})

but when i try this I get 'NameError: name 'self' is not defined'

defining these classes manually works... 

I hope that this was clear enough, apologies if it wasn't. It's late(ish), I'm tired and borderline frustrated :) But enough about me...

Thanks in advance. 

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