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>  On Mon, 29 Jul 2013 15:43:49 -0400, Devyn Collier Johnson wrote:
>>  In Python programming, the PEP8 recommends limiting lines to a maximum
>>> of 79 characters because "There are still many devices around that are
>>> limited to 80 character lines"
>>> (**peps/pep-0008/#code-lay-out<>).
>>> What devices
>>> cannot handle 80 or more characters on a line?
>> The only one I can think of is actual xterms (Ctrl-Alt-Function key
>> terminals on Unix and Linux). But I think that's actually a red-herring.
>> At least for me, I don't care about devices with 80 character lines.
>> (Smart phones? Or is that more likely to be 40 character lines?)
>> I care about being able to put multiple windows side-by-side, or a single
>> window with code in one pane and a class map at the side. I care about
>> being able to copy and paste code into an email, or Usenet post, without
>> it being mangled. I care about *never* having to scroll left-to-right in
>> order to read a line.
>> And most of all, I care about lines being short enough to read without
>> eye strain and mental fatigue from excessive horizontal width.
> +1
> I'm working on some shonky C code at the moment that inconsistent
> indentation and very long lines.  It is extremely annoying not to be able
> to put the original code, my "translation" and sundry utilities all
> side-by-side on the same screen (and it's not a particularly small screen),
> and having to keep flipping between them slows me down dramatically.  Long
> lines have no effect on the speed of the program, but they can have serious
> effects on the speed of the programmer.

Then just wrap it. This is a very automatable thing for editors. There
might even be a clever hard-wrap somewhere. I just tried pyformat -- that
works wonders.
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