PEP8 79 char max

Rhodri James rhodri at
Tue Jul 30 02:41:14 CEST 2013

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013 01:11:18 +0100, Joshua Landau <joshua at> wrote:

> On 30 July 2013 00:08, Rhodri James <rhodri at> wrote:
>> I'm working on some shonky C code at the moment that inconsistent
>> indentation and very long lines.  It is extremely annoying not to be  
>> able to put the original code, my "translation" and sundry utilities
>> all side-by-side on the same screen (and it's not a particularly
>> small screen), and having to keep flipping between them slows me
>> down dramatically.   Long lines have no effect on the speed of the
>> program, but they can have serious effects on the speed of the
>> programmer.
> Then just wrap it. This is a very automatable thing for editors. There
> might even be a clever hard-wrap somewhere. I just tried pyformat -- that
> works wonders.

I tried that at first, but it actually made matters worse.  "Simple"  
word-wrapping just broke the structural cues from indentation (which I'd  
already had to instruct my editor to make at least somewhat consistent).   
I couldn't just take in the code layout at a glance, I had to work at it.

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