Do you feel bad because of the Python docs?

Bob Hanson invalid at invalid.invalid
Sat Mar 9 04:10:47 CET 2013

On Wed, 06 Mar 2013 03:12:43 +0000, Mark Lawrence wrote:

> On 06/03/2013 01:43, Bob Hanson wrote:
> > [problem reporting bugs]
> You'll be delighted to know that everybody will have to sign a 
> contributor agreement if they're supplying a patch file on the bug 
> tracker, see 
> and

Thanks, Mark. I have other responses to reply to, as well. I
suspect that between your advice and the others, I'll learn how
to help with at least doc bugs, soon.

And sorry for the late reply. I changed ISPs (dialup to DSL)
which turned out to be a major... uh... event for the geniuses at
the telephone company out here in the "frontier" of the Oregon

Bob Hanson

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