Do you feel bad because of the Python docs?

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Thu Mar 7 02:31:43 CET 2013

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013 7:06:56 PM UTC-6, alex23 wrote:
> Why do you have such a low opinion of others that you think they're
> unable to look up "Reporting Bugs" in the _documentation_?

I don't have a low opinion of anybody here. However the fact that this community needs an entry level path for bug/grievance reports is *glaringly* obvious. It would greatly benefit this community by:

1. Removing excess chatter from the bug tracker. 

We need to keep the tracker folks focused on *real* bugs that can be patched. Not engaged in endless discussions on the semantics of "what is a bug" and what "IS NOT a bug".

2. Removing barriers to reporting bugs/grievances. 

Remember, if reporting issues is too difficult, people will just give up. Then, the next person who gets slammed with the same problem will go through the same trouble only to produce no results AGAIN. Rinse and repeat!

3. Give us insight as to what aspects of the language/docs are troubling for folks. 

We need to know where the bottle necks are when learning the language, and since we are experienced, we lack the noob insight to even see the problems. I'll bet $100 you hated writing self as the first argument to each method. But now you've become so accustomed that you could so it in your sleep. That does not validate the asininity of doing such a thing! How can we fix entry-level  problems if we DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE!

4. Create a *real* sense of community.

By creating a place for people to voice complaints, we are letting them know that "Hey, you opinion is important to us, even if you are a total NOOB!". Even if their "pet problem" is never solved (maybe because it was a misunderstanding all along), they are more likely to get involved more deeply in Python community later on. Heck, maybe they will work their way up to py-dev and rub shoulders with GvR one day, "the skys the limit"!

I have already offered my assistance managing such a list. But i cannot start such a list without wide community support; I cannot start the list without GvR publicly supporting it; I cannot start the list without a prominent link on; because if i do start a list without all these things, i will be wasting my time. 

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