Do you feel bad because of the Python docs?

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Thu Mar 7 04:48:52 CET 2013

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013 9:12:37 PM UTC-6, alex23 wrote:

> Your obsession with Guido is tiring. 

And your false accusations that i am somehow "obsessed" with GvR have BEEN tiring for quite some time! I am neither passionate for or prejudice against the man. I simple ask that he live up to his job title.

> Open source is not a cult of
> personality. It's about doing what you can where you can when you can
> to make things better. Insisting that he "endorse" your ideas is
> ridiculous.

Of course insisting that he validate me *personally* would be ridiculous. But i am NOT suggesting that he validate ME, i am suggesting that he do his job. And his job is to oversee the language evolution and maintain a sense of community. Specifically: "leading by example". 

Q: "Why even have a python-list if GvR and all the "heavies" at py-dev never participate in the conversations?"

By NOT participating they are speaking louder than words.

> Third party modules will never be handled by the Python bug tracker,
> nor should they be lumped into the same "path"; they're the concern of
> their developers 

I agree, that was an unfortunate typo.

> If you have ideas for improvement, _then implement them_. The
> guys didn't wait for community validation to address what they
> perceived were issues with PyPI, they rolled up their sleeves and did
> something about it.

Great, and i commend the contribution. But is yet ANOTHER Python package list going to help anyone? How about 10 or 20 more Python package indexes? 

Community fragmentation and language forks due to core-dev stubbornness is unfortunate. I would much rather had them contribute to the existing package index instead of creating a new one. 

Congratulations Alex, your solution of pushing everyone away is working flawlessly -- just don't be surprised when you find yourself cold and alone.

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