Twisted or Tornado?

Werner Thie werner at
Tue Mar 5 09:53:00 CET 2013


On 3/1/13 1:39 AM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 02/28/2013 05:28 PM, Jake Angulo wrote:
>> My requirements for this framework in descending order: 1) Easy to
>> use API 2) Widely available documentation / Examples / Community
>> contributions 3) Feature-wise - kinda most that you commonly need is
>> there

I'm happy with twisted programming browser based multi-player games for 
several years now. I wouldn't say that the learning curve was steep, 
rather the opposite, but the gain from a clean async programming model 
as it is implemented in twisted really makes the difference for me, not 
only in writing games, but even more in maintaining them long term.

It's also interesting to see, that this clean async model of twisted and 
its host of already provided protocols allowed me to implement solutions 
in notoriously problematic areas like overall stability, fault 
tolerance, load induced behavior, server analysis, 
multicore/multimachine capabilities and hot deployment with ease.

Cheers, Werner

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