[Python-ideas] string.format() default variable assignment

James Griffin jmz at kontrol.kode5.net
Tue Mar 5 09:16:16 CET 2013

[--------- Tue  5.Mar'13 at  2:42:07 +0000  Steven D'Aprano :---------]

> On Mon, 04 Mar 2013 11:09:10 -0500, David Robinow wrote:
> >   But here's what I don't understand. Why does somebody who posts as
> > much as Steven (and thanks for that. Getting cussed at occasionally is a
> > cheap price for all the free advice) not set up a simple mail filter
> > which trashes all mail from python-list. Wouldn't that solve the
> > problem?  Or am I misunderstanding something?
> When I'm working in my backyard garden, it's a real drag to put garden 
> refuse into the green waste bin for collection. I have to cut it up into 
> manageable-sized pieces, put them in a big carry bag, carry it through 
> the house, then empty the bag into the green waste collection bin the 
> local council supplies. What a drag! Maybe I should have thought of this 
> before moving into my house, but I'm stuck with it now, moving to a new 
> house would be difficult and expensive. Besides, apart from this one 
> little difficulty, I like it here. Since I have all sorts of good excuses 
> why doing the right thing is too much trouble, I just toss any plant 
> trimmings over the fence into my neighbour's yard. It's easy for him to 
> deal with it, all he has to do is get a goat to eat the garden waste I 
> toss over the fence, and his problem is solved.
> I'm actually doing him a favour by tossing my garden trimmings into his 
> yard. If he doesn't get a goat, the trimmings will rot and turn into 
> compost, which improves the soil in his garden. He'll thank me some day.
> I really don't understand why he thinks I'm being rude. He should be 
> grateful, not upset. If anyone is being rude, it's him, expecting me to 
> carry all that garden waste through the house into the collection bin. 
> Doesn't he understand how hard that is for me?

I'm sorry - i just had to reply :-) i've just got up and read this and
it actually made me LOL. Thanks Steven.

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