Best way to convert number of minutes to hh:mm AM/PM?

Vlastimil Brom vlastimil.brom at
Sat Mar 2 01:58:04 CET 2013

2013/3/2  <andydtaylor at>:
> Hi,
> I need to create a list of equally spaced times (as in hh:mm AM/PM) within a day to loop through. Having selected 30 minute intervals I figured I could:
> * Create a list from 1 to 48
> * Multiply each value by 30
> * Convert minutes to a time. datetime.timedelta seems to do this, but it's not a full timestamp which means strftime can't format me a time with am/pm.
> can anyone suggest a good approach to use? Ultimately I'd like to generate an equivalent to this text/format:'2:30 pm'
> Thanks,
> Andy
> --

you may use e.g. gmtime and only take the hours and minutes part into
account; the drawback is the range calculation in seconds:

>>> [time.strftime("%I:%M%p", time.gmtime(s)) for s in range(0, 86401, 1800)]
['12:00AM', '12:30AM', '01:00AM', '01:30AM', '02:00AM', '02:30AM',
'03:00AM', '03:30AM', '04:00AM', '04:30AM', '05:00AM', '05:30AM',
'06:00AM', '06:30AM', '07:00AM', '07:30AM', '08:00AM', '08:30AM',
'09:00AM', '09:30AM', '10:00AM', '10:30AM', '11:00AM', '11:30AM',
'12:00PM', '12:30PM', '01:00PM', '01:30PM', '02:00PM', '02:30PM',
'03:00PM', '03:30PM', '04:00PM', '04:30PM', '05:00PM', '05:30PM',
'06:00PM', '06:30PM', '07:00PM', '07:30PM', '08:00PM', '08:30PM',
'09:00PM', '09:30PM', '10:00PM', '10:30PM', '11:00PM', '11:30PM',


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