How to install development package on linux?

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On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 7:24 AM, Sarbjit singh <sarbjit1987 at> wrote:
> Sorry for this basic question but I am having problem compiling mod_wsgi on Linux. As per mod_wsgi package site, user must have python development package installed on system.
> I had installed Python2.7 on my Linux system from source code, using the following configuration few months back :-
> ./configure –prefix=<path> --enable-shared
> Make –i install
> But I am not able to find how to install development package from source code.
> Can some one please conform if I can install the development package from the same source code (Downloaded from Python Website for Unix) and please share the configuration switch for the same.
> Thanks,
> Sarbjit
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Why do you use source tarballs?  Your distro should provide nice
binary packages for Python and mod_wsgi.  And in case it doesn’t, your
distro sucks and you should find a better one.

The development things are usually installed by default by most
things.  Distributions offer them in -dev or -devel packages.

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