Is it correct this way to inherit from a list?

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Sat Mar 2 18:19:29 CET 2013

gialloporpora wrote:

> I would like to inherit from the list native class.
> really I expected that was possible to use native list method without
> redefining them, for example the __repr__ method.
> I don't know if i have made something wrong, this is my code (I obmit
> customized methods that I have added):
> from os.path import exists
> class vector(list):

> def __getitem__(self, key):
>     return self._list[key]

[and many more]

> Is it correct or it exists another way to inherit from list class?

Have you considered subclassing collections.MutableSequence instead?
You cannot instantiate that class until you have overridden all its abstract 

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