Python in web development

Sarbjit singh sarbjit1987 at
Sun Mar 3 15:18:00 CET 2013

Hello All,

I have been using Python as a scripting language for my office tasks. Now I have been thinking of using (and learning as well) for web development. For my tasks, I need to perform some tasks and report on the web. Now I have no experience of web development with Python. So, I want to conform first whether Python is best for web development. Python is my personal choice for my automation works and I want to extend it for web development.

I need to develop a html form which would take user input and perform some operations (generate intermediate files) and report result on web.

>> Some guys in my organization are using Perl for this purpose and thus I could get the setup for free.But I want to learn and use Python as substitute for Perl. (PHP could also be an option. I have worked on PHP once for handling the form data.)

So my questions are:-

1. Can I use Python (I want to use personally :)) over PHP/Perl?

2. If Yes, I want to know the modules that I should learn for achieving my requirement. I searched internet and found Python provides CGI, Django etc.

I don't much about Django/CGI, please suggest which module I should learn and use.


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