Psychopath Jack Wesolowski takes another spam dump on the UseNet (was: Gary Sokolich - 3463)

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Psychopath Jack Wesolowski trolling and spamming the UseNet as Gary 
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> 3463
> W Gary Sokolich
> 801 Kings Road
> Newport Beach, CA 92663-5715
> (949) 650-5379
> Local PD
> 949-644-3681 
> Residence:
> 1029 S Point View St
> Los Angeles CA 90035
> (310) 650-5379
> and
> 5309 Victoria Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90043
> a/da022808.htm 
> February 28, 2008 Board Meeting Disciplinary Actions 
>  W. Gary Sokolich , Newport Beach, California ¡V File B-29812 - It was
> alleged that. Sokolich unlawfully offered or attempted to practice 
> engineering in Texas (...)  Sokolich chose to end the proceedings by  
> signing a Consent Order that was accepted by the Board to cease and
> desist from representing himself as an ¡§Engineer¡¨ in Texas, from any
> and all representations that he can offer or perform engineering
> services and from the actual practice of engineering in Texas (...) 
> Sokolich was also assessed a $1,360.00 administrative penalty.
> _______________
> A former UCLA employee has agreed to provide copies of his research to
> the school to settle a lawsuit the university filed against him in
> 1985, lawyers in the case said.
> (...)
> The University of California Board of Regents filed a $620,000 lawsuit
> against Sokolich, accusing him of taking research on the hearing 
> capabilities of animals in June, 1982. Sokolich was dismissed by UCLA 
> (...).
> (...)

That's my boy Jack Wesolowski, a 68-year old,  mentally-ill ,
retired  SSD worker, foul-mouthed  bigot, racist, liar, spammer and
troll who has been spamming the UseNet as Gary Sokolisch since
January of 2011.

A  recent ode to psychopath Jack Wesolowski, from

"Way Back Jack, his mother licks my crack,
Then she sucks my dick until it's yellah.
An' his mother-fuckin' fathah doesn't so much as bother
To use some spittle when he's bung-holin' little
Boys, before they're rollin' in the shower, their 'nads all a'
While our perverted faggot Jack laps up all their bloody turds.
He's a real low-life fellah, whose perversion escapes mere words

And one from alt.native, May 4, 2002.

Brother Jack is a racist bigot
His mouth is a toxic old spigot
He spews out his hate
He never can wait
To find some more dolts who will dig it!

We know a white jerk named Jack
Who really wants to be black
He calls himself "brother"
Wears clothes from his mother(*)
The truth is he's just a hack

We see his rantings as racist bile
His words typically ugly and vile
The master of hate
Thank God he won't mate
Let us leave him alone for awhile

Jack Wesolowski, circa 2000

Meet Psychopath Jack Wesolowski, the crass, foul-mouthed, bigot,
racist, liar, spammer and troll.

Jack Wesolowski the spammer

Jack Wesolowski the troll.

Jack Wesolowsk the liar.

Jack Wesolowski the bigot.

Jack Wesolowski the racist.

Jack Wesolowski, aka
Bob Cain (resurrected)
joe momma
farting boar
diane roselles
dr jackal
Repeal Obama
Mothzer Roselles
Amber Travsky
Vladimir Tschenko Badenovsky
Off the moonbat
A liberal's worst nightmare
Swatting Moonbatz
Ruth Chilton
That  Sleazy Cunt Piglosi
Obama Nation is Abomination
Let it Rock
Repeal Obama
Mother Roselles
Swatting Moonbatz
Amber Travsky
Gary Sokolisch
Weary Bruiser 1 reti... at
Vladimir Badenovsky
Mike Gibson's Ghost
Gary Sokolosch
Gary Sakolich
Bobby Fuller
Jack (windswept at home.)
JackW (windswept at home)
Windswept at home. (jack)
Bro Jack
brojac... at
way back jack
jackw... at (brojac... at
Jack Wesolowski (wesolow... at
BroJ... at (BroJack)
Windswept at Home (Jack W)
jackw... at (brojac... at
Jack from waaaayyyyyBack

John F Wesolowski
3045 Old Washington Rd
Westminster, MD 21157
(410) 876-6914

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