Inserting-embedding some html data at the end of a .py file

Νίκος Γκρ33κ nikos.gr33k at
Tue Mar 5 21:04:59 CET 2013

	#open html template
	if htmlpage.endswith('.html'):
		f = open( "/home/nikos/public_html/" + htmlpage )

		htmldata =
		counter = ''' <center><a href="mailto:support at"> <img src="/data/images/mail.png"> </a>
			      <center><table border=2 cellpadding=2 bgcolor=black>
				          <td><font color=lime>Αριθμός Επισκεπτών</td>
					  <td><a href=""><font color=cyan> %d </td>
			  ''' % data[0]

	#render template				
	template = htmldata + counter
	print ( template )
Yes the aboev code does work if we talk about appending html data to an already html file!

But if the file is file then i cannot just append the data.
Actually by appending i dont want to actually insert the data to the end of the .py file, thus altering it but instead run the .py file and print the counter html data afterwards!

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