Inserting-embedding some html data at the end of a .py file

Νίκος Γκρ33κ nikos.gr33k at
Thu Mar 7 00:18:44 CET 2013

Τη Τετάρτη, 6 Μαρτίου 2013 2:06:33 π.μ. UTC+2, ο χρήστης Michael Ross έγραψε:

> check_output is available as of Python 2.7
> I guess you are still on version 2.6 ?

I can access each of these from my jailed shell user account without issue, and especially i try /usr/bin/python3

nikos at [~]# /usr/bin/python -V
Python 2.6.6

nikos at [~]# /opt/python3/bin/python3 -V
Python 3.2.3

nikos at [~]# /usr/bin/python3 -V
Python 3.2.3 

Problem is that when i change my shebang constructor to #!/sur/bin/python3 my '/cgi-bin/' python cgi scripts produces an internal server error while with #!/sur/bin/python the script works.

Any ideas as to why? I can post ocde if you want to.

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