collaborative editing environments

Eric Johansson esj at
Tue Mar 5 18:56:19 CET 2013

I finally have an intern helping me with my various accessibility 
projects. We need to do pair programming so he can write the code in my 
head that I can't express by broken hand or speech recognition (yet).

The best technique with come up with so far is to use putty sessions 
with the same layout and use dtach into one emacs.  Nonideal but it kind 
of sort of works after fashion. we are constrained that neither of us 
will poke holes in our firewalls to allow a peer-to-peer system to work 
so we will need a third system intermediary.  What would be ideal is 
some sort of cloud-based collaborative editor/IDE with local storage 
capability. Revision control to be handled individually to a common 
repository outside of the IDE/editor.

Super best would be an IDE with an API so I can drive the IDE from 
speech recognition but, I know I'm living in a fantasyland any time I 
look for accessibility.  at the hands one of our projects being adding 
accessibility controls to an existing editor. Haven't decided which one 
yet but the leading contender is sublime.

gobby it's kind of useful but again,  it requires firewall holes or in 
intermediary that appears to have several shortcomings.also, according 
to folks I met on IRC, the developers disappeared from IRC about 18 
months ago and there's been no development  on the project since then.

so, what have your experiences been with collaborative environments?

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