Why is Ruby on Rails more popular than Django?

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Wed Mar 6 20:16:35 CET 2013

* marduk at python.net <marduk at python.net> [130306 09:31]:
> > My questions:
> > 1.  Why is Ruby on Rails much more popular than Django?
> If you already know/work with Python than I would go the Django route. 
> RoR and Django are not that much different nowadays as far as
> methodologies.  The main differences I think between RoR and Django are
> that one is Ruby-based and one is Python-based.  Other than that, if you
> can get used to one you can get used to the other.
  I had problems getting django to work on my hostmonster account
  which is shared hosting and supports fast_cgi but not wsgi. I put
  that effort on hold for now, as it was just R&D for me, but
  I would welcome you to take a look at this link where I opened a
  From what I inferred there and from the django ML, the django
  "community" is indifferent to fastcgi and the shared hosting
  environment. As someone is new to shared hosting environments (I
  would mostly on dedicated servers) I get the impression that
  django is cutting itself out of some (if not a lot) of the market.
  I don't know about RoR tho....

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