Why is Ruby on Rails more popular than Django?

Rui Maciel rui.maciel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 10:28:41 CET 2013

rusi wrote:

> Anyone who's used emacs will know this as the bane of FLOSS software
> -- 100 ways of doing something and none perfect -- IOW too much
> spurious choice.

This is a fallacy.  Just because someone claims that "there are 100 ways of 
doing something and none perfect", it doesn't mean that restricting choice 
leads to perfection.  It doesn't.  It only leads to getting stuck with a 
poor solution with no possibility of improving your life by switching to a 
better alternative.  

Worse, a complete lack of alternatives leads to a complete lack of 
competition, and therefore the absense of incentives to work on 
improvements.  You know, progress.

Choice is good.  Don't pretend it isn't.  It's one of the reasons we have 
stuff like Python or Ruby nowadays, for example.

Rui Maciel

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