An error when i switched from python v2.6.6 => v3.2.3

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Thu Mar 7 14:43:58 CET 2013

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 12:22 AM, Νίκος Γκρ33κ <nikos.gr33k at> wrote:
> Please tell me at least if i ahve any syntax error in this line:
> htmldata = os.system('/usr/bin/python ./ /data/files/htmltemp')
> please man its essential for my website to work otherwise 3 scripts i wrote would not be able to produce proper html output

Yes, there is. The variable name at the beginning is wrong. To
understand why, look at the documentation for os.system().

If it's essential for your web site, why not pay someone to do the work for you?

You want free support AND you're not willing to put effort into your
questions. That's a bad combination. The sloppiness of your writing,
coupled with a clear lack of preliminary research (eg checking the
docs), suggests that you do not value the end result; you expect
someone else to do everything, to wave a magic wand and voila, your
web site works. That isn't how the world works.

Quoting from
> == Before you ask ==
> Prepare your question. Think it through. Hasty-sounding questions get
> hasty answers, or none at all. The more you do to demonstrate that having
> put thought and effort into solving your problem before seeking help, the
> more likely you are to actually get help.
> == Write in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled language ==
> ... If you can't be bothered to do that, we can't be bothered to pay attention.
> Spend the extra effort to polish your language. It doesn't have to be stiff or
> formal - in fact, hacker culture values informal, slangy and humorous
> language used with precision. But it has to be precise; there has to be
> some indication that you're thinking and paying attention.
> ... if you write like a semi-literate boob you will very likely be ignored.


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