An error when i switched from python v2.6.6 => v3.2.3

Νίκος Γκρ33κ nikos.gr33k at
Thu Mar 7 14:56:54 CET 2013

But iam tryign dayd for this i even tryign to chnage my 3 script to python v3.2.3 just to get subprocess up and running

all the above fail:

htmldata = os.system("python '/data/files/htmltemp'")

How can i tell system to send's output to a temporary file called htmltemp so in the next step i can do what iam trying 3 days now to do:

template = htmldata + counter

os.system is very vague while i need specific help with this.
if you provide me a link that describes my case of things i';; for sure read it.

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