iterating over a list as if it were a circular list

Alexander Blinne news at
Fri Mar 8 00:49:04 CET 2013

Am 07.03.2013 10:27, schrieb Sven:
> Now I would like to iterate over P and place one N at each point.
> However if you run out of N I'd like to restart from N[0] and carry on
> until all the points have been populated.
> So far I've got (pseudo code)
> i = 0
> for point in points:
>     put N[i] at point
>     if i > len(N):
>         i = 0
> is this the most pythonic way to accomplish this?

Sounds like
to me.

> Additionally, what if I wanted to pull a random element from N, but I
> want to ensure all elements from N have been used before starting to
> pick already chosen random elements again.
> So far I thought of duplicating the list and removing the randomly
> chosen elements from the list, and when it's empty, re-copying it. But
> that seems a little "wrong" if you know what I mean.

This can be done with


import random

def repeated_random_permutation(iterable):
    pool = list(iterable)
    while True:
        yield from pool


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