April 5 conference on Python in Finance (NYC)

Shiuan Butler shiuanb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 20:20:58 CET 2013

As Python programmers, you may be interested in participating in an upcoming "Python in Finance" conference, an all-day event taking place in New York on the 5th of April (www.python-in-finance.com).

The event brings together 300+ Python practitioners with a who's who line up of speakers from the world of Python and finance: Travis Oliphant (Numpy), Wes McKinney (Pandas), Andreas Kloeckner (PyCUDA and PyOpenCL), Peter Wang (Chaco) ... the list goes on. And I am very excited to announce that Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist at m6d, will be giving the keynote address to kick off the event; Claudia's list of achievements include being a three-time winner of the KDD cup, and numerous and notable contributions in the Machine Learning, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling worlds. It's going to be an informative, exciting and fun day of great speakers mixed with practitioners of "Python in Finance".

We have managed to get some great sponsors for the event to keep the attendance fee at a rock bottom rate of less than three hundred dollars; not bad for an all-day event in New York city with lunch thrown in!

I have a special offer just for you; use the code "QUANT" at www.python-in-finance.com and save 25% off. The event is filling up fast so if you plan on coming, register soon; and be sure to let your friends and colleagues know about the event. 

Shiuan Butler

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